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16th Feb 2023, 4:45 AM

About Vinchi: Named after Da Vinci but spelled wrong on purpose. Da Vinci was known to be a resurrectionist. One who would study corpses through dissection. Vinchi was supposed to be the one in the group that does that for study. I had that in the beginning, but the character kinda went the way of being the group weirdo with kinks for knives. Originally no past, but I did come up with a backstory in 2019. Vinchi was Red, Alpha's first member of the Human Club. In the RED storyline Alpha and Vinchi lived for a time in the human world. The relationship was more big sister and little brother (especially after Vinchi takes a human form). As I stated before I may finish RED as a Patreon only story after I complete DE. Vinchi's simping seems overdone without the RED storyline in here, but I really was in a snag back in 2020. I am just happy to get myself to continue and hopefully complete the main story.

Vinchi's design was like Da Vinci's anatomy drawings. I wanted to study muscle drawing so I took up the design to do that. I originally considered the character to be Nameless from my first webcomic The Planet Closest to Heaven without skin.

Fun fact: I did consider some ideas of Grey and Vinchi being a couple. I did tease it a bit with previous scenes. I do have some never published comics with characters based after them as a couple. I ended up dropping the love interest side plot because I can't write romance and it off railed the the main point of the plot I wanted the story to go. I ended up just writing Grey as dead set on dropping off everyone in Human world so he can take over his world. Canonically Vinchi loves Alpha but it is unrequited love. Grey has the hots for Alpha(That he doesn't understand.), but he does not have any romantic feelings for her. He is kinda clueless on romance overall. Grey cares about the main three Vinchi, Nike, and Venus like members of his own family. The funny thing is he does let Vinchi go in this scene. I just didn't have the time for Grey to somehow fit in "because I like you I am letting you live".

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Jilly ahhh
27th Feb 2023, 4:36 AM

I just noticed the lack of cuts on the clothing... Will fix later....

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Jason Moon
27th Feb 2023, 10:47 PM

Gunning for Alpha

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