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30th Jan 2023, 8:07 PM

Update on the comic process:

I wrote the rest of the entire script for Demon Eater. It's done. Now it's just thumb nailing and drawing up the rest. I got the rest of this scene penciled. Waiting for downtime at work or podcast time to ink and paint. Pro tip: if your motivation is wavering having a script helps keep your thoughts together.

Patreon updates: I am doing a campaign this year where I mail out comics or original artwork out to patrons who donate during a season. Current campaign: Anyone who donated between now and end of May gets favorite character choice DE original raw page artwork or a zine mailed to them. $50 or more gets a package of five plus items. https://www.patreon.com/jillyfoo

Other than monetary reasons for sending out comic page artwork, I recently had to throw away 75% of my first webcomic The Planet Closest to Heaven original artwork. (I saw it. it was bad. I had to throw it away.) I would hate to have to do that for Demon Eater in a few years so it would be great to find homes for the artwork while there is still interest in the series. If you wish to choose a page to buy(if I still have it. I have sold many of the older pages already.) I would sell for $20 plus shipping. I am still a bit leery of selling nude Alpha or Vinchi art online. I probably have to stick to conventions selling to adults with ID or people I know IRL are adults for that artwork.

Other art I am working on:
Did you know I make zines? A friend and I are making a Chinese Zodiac series. Last year we did Tiger Year. It contained a short comic by me and a few short stories by my friends. I have a little bit of it on my instagram which is @jillythefoo. I did post the entire comic on Patreon.
Current WIP is Bunny Year. I love bunnies and did tons of art already. The rabbit has been my brand mascot since I started webcomics. Another zine I am 80% completed is Tiny Dog based after my pom puppy I got in August. I want to print it super small like 1.5inx1.5in. I am still trying to think of ideas for really really small zines to print.

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30th Jan 2023, 8:03 PM

oof :(

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31st Jan 2023, 1:57 PM

Glad to see an update! Also, awesome news about the artwork. I may have to get in on that!

Surf Wisely.

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