825 The Others


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4th Nov 2022, 12:00 AM

Been bogged down with work and various colds. Glad to update those last three pages. I drew them last September. Been writing a script for the last chapters of DE.

I am going through a lot of work stuff right now. Hope to get back at this soon.

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4th Nov 2022, 1:01 PM

Did he mean "the head" literally? 😂

Surf Wisely.

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Didn't mean for it to be like that ^^;;;

Jilly not logged in
8th Nov 2022, 2:14 AM

Oops there are many ways to interpret that...

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12th Nov 2022, 6:40 PM

I agree that would be a most interesting interpretation!

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20th Nov 2022, 1:18 AM

Absolutely gobsmacked by this comic- it's incredible and I'm so happy hitting CF's "random comics" button lead me here. Just binged the whole thing and I'm all in. Sending so much love to you!

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3rd Dec 2022, 11:38 PM

I’ve been reading this comic since smackjeeves

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