825 The Others


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18th Mar 2022, 12:00 AM

Summery of what happened so far.

Saturno is in a group of aliens that wishes to become human and journey to the human world to live there in peace. Saturno originally intended to kill and eat everyone, but had a change of heart because of the kindness they have shown him. During that time, Saturno has shape-shifted himself to appear very human. He had attempted to teach himself to read, but failed. Frustrated that the group didn't seem to be moving forward to actually going to the human world, Saturno ran away and went back to old habits. After all the pillaging and feasting was done, Saturno felt homesick and returned to the club. Much stronger than before, Saturno unintentionally challenged Alpha and was punished, yet Saturno still criticized all the members of the Human club for not seeming to try to reach their ultimate goal. Later Alpha visited him and seemed to completely agree with him. She also revealed that she has romantic(or is it just lustful?) feelings for him. They have a moment and discussed their future, but ultimately Saturno does not want what Alpha wants. While Saturno was with Alpha, Venus was the only member that took Saturno's words to heart and changed her appearance to a passable human girl. After all this, Alpha appointed Saturno in charge of getting everyone ready to go to the human world.

Oh and Alpha and Vinchi are no longer nudists.

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