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12th Jun 2020, 3:43 AM

Ooo 3am posting this. Strange times.

It takes time to build trust. Different outfits show different days.

Forgiveness is weird. Does this make Venus a sap..a pathetic character? My interpretation is that Venus is looking to the GOAL which is getting to the human world over petty get backs. Getting to the human world means avoiding all the monsters, eating, and world eventually swallowing everything. I know that most writers love to have that grudge between characters (the entire plot to Game of Thrones), but the way this story goes this is good.

At the same time, does Saturno continue to be mean to her? No. Saturno is in that bad position where all his "friends" ditched him and he is very uncomfortable with Alpha. It's selfish to make friends with someone you didn't care for before because everyone else isn't available yes, but it's what real people do.

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12th Jun 2020, 9:20 AM

Honestly, I like it when characters forgive. Saturno really seems to be attempting to fix what he did wrong, and I think Venus noticed that... and is giving him forgiveness, even if the others don't think he deserves it. No matter her reasoning, it's cool to see this kind of situation! It makes both of them more 'human' and that is pretty rad.

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12th Jun 2020, 9:21 AM

I’m so glad you went this direction in your story. I’m so glad! I want to see this kind of development in stories too, and I’m tired of vengeance being a plot-driver over a common goal. Thank you for doing something different. I hope at least Alpha can muster up enough willpower to join them!

Also wanted to say Venus is an adorable precious baby and I love her.

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12th Jun 2020, 12:53 PM

Sounds like Venus is a bigger person than most of the characters here. That and since Saturno's advice actually helped her, she can't begrudge him.

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12th Jun 2020, 2:00 PM

I like that Venus is sticking to her guns. Her guns of course being Kindness and Forgiveness. It is a personality Saturno takes advantage of, yes. But true gun-sticking means being okay with that as well. ;-;7

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Jck the kivner
18th Jun 2020, 5:10 AM

I just binged this and I have to say that this is great. Keep up the good work and thanks for making such great content!

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