734 Ambition


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4th Jun 2017, 4:35 PM

I always get hard on my work whenever I update after a short hiatus. This page was... just get it done so I can continue the story.

Two things happening. Saturno gets a bit carried away with his acting. He can be a decent actor if he wanted to because part of it is convincing himself that it's true. Or maybe he's opening up to Alpha.

Panel 6, I wanted to show it instead of narration. After a good look in the mirror, Saturno decides he actually likes his appearance.

Short talk scene continues. I wish to finish talk scenes asap, due to my dislike of drawing them.

Lastly on a personal note. Been a very busy May this year. Went to a should-have-never-happened family funeral. Graduation. Yearbook publishing. MSP Comicon. My brother's baby was born early.

If DE is late and you want to see the status of an upcoming page, check out my twitter at https://twitter.com/jillyfoo

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8th Jun 2017, 12:41 AM

look at that little cutie making sounds like he's people. you were closer before, ya goof!

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