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Long time coming

16th Dec 2015, 5:29 PM

Had to borrow a co-worker's computer to upload this and next update. Thank you so much Mills! I offered to buy the guy a beer or soda for helping me out and he turned it down. What a nice guy.

What an interesting turn of events. Saturno won't take the normal path. I figured many of you thought that's where the story was going but it's not...

Gosh.. Saturno doesn't mentor any of his own kind until almost the end of the 4th arc(if I ever get there). We're still in the Human Club arc. Arc 2.

Next Update Christmas day and... it's a page update!
I got like 7 more pages in the works too but I'm gonna be out in the ocean again so might be a bit.

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16th Dec 2015, 6:10 PM

Makes sense.
Saturno grew up... differently, so it may take a bit for him to adjust.

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16th Dec 2015, 8:22 PM

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Demon Eater! ^_^

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Zulu Tango
16th Dec 2015, 10:32 PM

Thanks for the update!

Is Saturno going to go his own way? Let's see...

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17th Dec 2015, 1:37 PM

Some times with the events and narration this reminds me of a monster version of the wonder years. In a very good way.

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22nd Dec 2015, 9:45 PM

I wouldn't have expected this turn of events. Interesting!
Hope you have a merry christmas, if you celebrate it! If not, have a good time all the same!
Keep being the rad peep you are!

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