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18th Sep 2015, 1:33 AM

Conversation scenes can be so tough especially since my buffer is dead.

That "You don't need to eat anymore" line will probably be misinterpreted. It was meant to be "You don't need to eat anymore for a very long time" but I shortened it to prevent wall-of-text issues.

Oh will I get a page next week? I'll try to work on pages this weekend but I am moving out of my apartment next week and gosh, everything is going nuts at work so I will do what I can.

EDIT 9/21/15: My opportunity to work on comics tonight was scrapped due to some bad news about my workload. I have to play catch up until Sunday so update not likely.

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18th Sep 2015, 2:06 AM

IOW, he has "grown" as much as a Demon can; his body is now virtually a solid mass of cores, and he only needs to replace any mass he loses or expends now.

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On cores and strips

18th Sep 2015, 11:27 PM

I do not think the core theory is correct since alpha made sure to jab in his forehead core when she attacked. If he were all cores that attack would have been pointless. I think she means that once you've grown a breath-right strip it is time to slow down and rethink your life.

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24th Sep 2015, 5:27 AM

Your assumption is half correct. You are right on the fact that attacking the head makes little sense core wise however they have stated that "gray" has a brain and his main "ie first" core in that area. Therefore if she most likely instinctualy attacked the brain to either kill or disable him.

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19th Sep 2015, 11:45 AM

But... but.. eating is FUN!

*reads the author note. That made me think of a nature documentary I once saw, the python had just eaten an antelope and the comment - "This snake do not need to feed again... ... ...this year" xD

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20th Sep 2015, 7:23 PM

Good luck on the move! Those are a pain in the everything, really. But here's hoping for newer and better things!
oop... the strength is going to go well, but the fact he doesn't have to eat probably won't... This scene's getting interesting!!

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