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Jason Moon
17th Aug 2019, 5:56 PM

Step right up!!!!

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17th Aug 2019, 8:29 PM

is this...
is this the human eater's origin???

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19th Aug 2019, 3:12 AM

With some snooping around the archive you can easily find out who it is.

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18th Aug 2019, 12:54 AM

Human cells would still be mortal...but if they can copy the abilities of those cells to their own cells before then, they really would be changed forever. And then if other demons could learn those secrets from a small taste of the changed one, human abilities (such as survival in the human world) could spread like wildfire.

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18th Aug 2019, 2:26 AM

uhhhhh wrestle contest to NOT eat the alien non-food? =D

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18th Aug 2019, 12:13 PM

Uh oh, someone's not getting their organ.

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